“Livets dans” Opening “Munch150 Exhibition” National Gallery Oslo, 2013

5B4C7293Commissioned by the Norwegian National Museum for the opening of the exhibition “MUNCH150” celebrating the 150th  anniversary of the birth of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, in the National Gallery in Oslo in 2013.

In collaboration with the senior curator at the National Gallery, Frithjof Bringager, Kari worked on the choreography in relation to a selection of Edvard Munch´s famous paintings, projected both in full format and in details against the back of the performance area.

Edvard Munch grew up and lived as a boy in the inner-city tennements of Oslo. Kari was herself born and grew up in these areas, traditionally a working class and poor neighborhood, even though it has now drastically changed.

In creating this work,  Kari decided to draw on her own experiences and memories of these neighbourhoods; the stories she was told by neighbours growing up, and her own memories about the crowded spaces and the hardships of that life, that is now forgotten. In choreographic ideas she chose exploring the individual against the group, and the work developed in relation and dialouge with the paintings.

The work hailed great response, and played for three completely sold out runs in the National Gallery Auditorium in 2013 in conjuction with the exhibition.

Choreography: Kari Hoaas
Sound design: Kari Hoaas
Music: Phillip Glass
Costume design: Kari Hoaas
Projections paintings and details: Frithjof Bringager
Dancers: NDH modern/contemporary dance majors, graduate class of 2013



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