Kari Undervisning

For me, to teach is to exchange information. I consider my teaching an integrated part of my artistic practice. I hold a firm belief in each individual’s innate physical knowledge, will, ability and creativity. 

Kari dissiminates her artistic research through sharing her creation methods, movement philosophy and training through her ongoing teaching and lecture practices.

Current workshops include:
“Persepctives on technique – the poetic movement of stillness and the joy of effort”
“Sharing games – ideas for dance composition” and workshops in “Choreographic methods and repertory” developed in relations to specfic creations. Currently offering variuos “Be Like Water” and “HEAT” workshops and lecture presentations.

She is Associate Professor at The Norwegian College of Dance (NDH) in Oslo, where she has developed the current BA Program in Contemporary Dance Performance and is responsible for developing overseeing and mentor student creation and performance projects.

She has also guestthought at The Oslo National Academy for the Arts (KHiO) and University of Stavanger, PRODA Professional Dance Training in various regions of Norway, Dancentrum Professional Dance Training in various regions of Sweden, and gives workshops and lecture internationally.

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