“HEAT” (2018)

The project HEAT seeks to merge the lines seperating concert dance and social dance, highart and popular cultures, in a quest to promote the power and the pleasure of physical effort, and the simple joy of moving our bodies to rythm together. Aiming for … Continue reading

“Be Like Water – the distant episodes” (2020)

Be Like Water – the distant episodes is a series of digital dancehaiku´s created in response to the isolation and uncertainty we are all facing as humans in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. As danceartists we can no longer share … Continue reading

“HEAT – the distant episodes” (2020)

“Kari Hoaas adapts her post-apocalyptic dance party, HEAT, to empty office spaces in Oslo.” — The New Yorker (January 25th, 2021) “The  most dance-centric selections come from Norwegian choreographer Kari Hoaas….Shot in a single take in visually striking locations–a former … Continue reading

Be like water (2015)

“The ocean is roaring, the dancers roll over each other, try to get up, grabbing each other, supporting, fighting, hugging, struggeling against each other. The scene is overpowering. Thoughts go to drowning refugees in the Mediterranean, or to John Akomfrahs video work … Continue reading

One (2013)

“heartfelt and loaded with raw movement… Her physicality was tender and beautiful to watch,.. ” – Emma Wilson for lovedancemore.org, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. A solo performance for and by choreographer and performer Kari Hoaas, created in recognition of … Continue reading

On the desperate edge of now (2013)

Awarded “Best performance of the program new prize 2015” – by Georgian Theatre Critics Association at Tbilisi International Festival of Theater “Fragile masterpiece” – dancecritic Lars Elton for Budstikka, Bærum, Norway “Calm and raw. From quite melancholy to muscular explosiveness, … Continue reading

Daybreak (2010)

By acknowledging a continuously faster moving world; a place where we no longer have time for each other even when we are together; Daybreak seeks to confirm a belief in the tender pricelessness of the here and now. Choreography/direction: Kari … Continue reading