Georgian Theater Critics Association Prize to “On the desperate edge of now”

“On the desperate edge of now” was named “Best performance of the program 2015” by Georgian Theater Critics Association after performances at Tbilisi International Festival of Theater 2015. We are very honored and grateful for this recognition of our work.

Review “loveDANCEmore”, April 12th, 2015

“The piece was heartfelt and loaded with raw movement…  Her physicality was tender and beautiful to watch,.. The dramaturgy was artful and appropriate along with the sound score that supported much of the dance.” – Emma Wilson for loveDANCEmore. Read the … Continue reading

Article “HEAT” by the Norwegian College of Dance, September 25th, 2018

“En Aktiv Dialog med Samtiden”  

SIDF Virtual – Live Interview with Kari, May 5th 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Seattle International Dance Festival has launched its new Virtual Festival 2020. To launch the digital program artistic director, Cyrus Khambatta, sat down with Kari to chat about how she creates dance, works with her dancers … Continue reading

Review “On the desperate edge of now”, Russian Teatral Online, July 2016

One of the most interesting performances of the festival was “On the Desperate Edge of Now” by Kari Hoaas Productions (Norway). Just male dancers, big, brutal men, without mannerism or politesse. It all starts with the four men sleeping, roughly … Continue reading

P4 Västerbotten, Sweden

Here you can here a Swedish Radio interview from our new production “Be like water” during our residency at Nordanå at Kultur Skellefteå in Sweden. PRESS HERE For the entire interview including with the dancers, PRESS HERE, it starts at 3:

TV Interviews and photos “Be Like Water” tour Azerbaijan and Georgia. September 2016

TV interviews when we performed “Be Like Water” at Yarat Contemporary Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan. Photos from performances of “Be Like Water” at Tbilisi International Festival of Theater in Tbilisi, Georgia. Photocredit: Beka Javakhishvili

Documentary Film featuring “On the desperate edge of now” at Open Look International Contemporary Dance Festival 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia

Open Look International Contemporary Dance Festival has just released this film documenting the 2016 Festival held in St. Petersburg, Russia in July 2016. “On the desperate edge of now” was part of the festival, documentation and performance footage from the … Continue reading

Documentary film Zeylonka SPACE UP Festival 2019 in Ukraine featuring “HEAT #3 rising in Kiev at Club Closer”

Zeylonka SPACE UP Contemporary Dance Festival has just released this film documenting the 2019 Festival held in Kiev and Dnipro, Ukraine in June 2019. We performed “HEAT #3 rising in Kiev” at Closer nightclub outdoor stage, and “HEAT #4 rising … Continue reading

Preview “Heat – the distant episodes” at LaMaMa Moved! Dance Festival by Forbes, December 30th, 2020

Forbes preview of “HEAT – the distant episodes” coming up at La MaMa Moved! Dance Festival Online link to article here

Preview “Be Like Water” premiere in “Budstikka”, September 10th, 2015

Dansepremiere i Sandvika: – Jeg ser vann gjennom bevegelser og lys «Be like water» heter forestillingen som åpner høstsesongen i Bærum Kulturhus. Gjennom en time viser seks dansere oss hva vann betyr. Gjennom trinn og bevegelser formidler de at vann … Continue reading

Interview with Kari about “- the distant episodes” at La MaMa Moves! New York and work during the pandemic in Hollywood Soapbox, January 16th, 2021

Read the full interview here

Tbilisi International Festival of Theater 2016 Documentary film, Featuring “Be Like Water”

Tbilisi International Festival of Theater has just released this documentary film about the 2016 festival, held in Tbilisi, Georgia in October, featuring footage from our performance of “Be Like Water” at timecode 22.43.  All photos from our performance of “Be … Continue reading

Preview – Editors pick of the week The New Yorker “-the distant episodes” at LaMaMa Moves, January 25th, 2021

“Kari Hoaas adapts her post-apocalyptic dance party, HEAT, to empty office spaces in Oslo.” — The New Yorker (25 January 2021)

“HEAT” featured in June 14th, 2019

Review – “- the distant episodes” at LaMaMa Moves! New York Times, January 19th, 2021

“The  most dance-centric selections come from Norwegian choreographer Kari Hoaas….Shot in a single take in visually striking locations–a former airport in Oslo, converted into now-empty office spaces; a parking lot with a puddle that now acts as a reflecting pool–the … Continue reading

“Pure Projects” article by The Norwegian College of Dance, September 5th, 2019

Begrensning som metode Associate professor, Kari Hoaas, started the fall semester in a choreographic research residency granted by Dansearena Nord in Hammerfest. More here.

Review – Dance Enthusiast “- the distant episodes” at LaMama Moves February 8th, 2021

“…another engrossing example of Hoaas’ choreographic dexterity.” Read the whole review here. “Like smoke unfurling from a candle flame, soloist Ida Haugen stands on the landing of a steel staircase, coiling and uncoiling her spine… (her) undulations are controlled but not rigid, tremendously … Continue reading

Preview “Be Like Water” at Tid for Dans Festival, Porsgrunn Dagblad, November 21, 2015

Porsgrunn Dagblad    

Interview “Be Like Water”, Swedish “Danstidningen”, December 2015

Review “Be Like Water”, Swedish “Danstidningen”, December 2015

“HEAT #5 rising online from Oslo” article by Kristiania University College, November 2020

“Students and professionals in sweet harmony” – read the full article here.    

Preview “Norran”, November 15th, 2014

Norran 2014

Swedish Radio, November 13th, 2014

13 november at 14:03 Sveriges Radio P4 : “Koreograf testar mäns uthållighet” Listen to choreographer Kari Hoaas talk about the danceperformance “On the desperate edge of now” –  a powerful performances with five men on stage about friendship and masculinity. You … Continue reading

3 questions to the choreographer:

  3 spørsmål til koreografen Kari Hoaas on “The desperate edge of now” Why have you chosen to create a performance for five men? As a dancer and choreographer I work with the body. My body is a woman´s body. … Continue reading

Review “Budstikka”, April 3rd, 2014

FRAGILE MASTERPIECE “What does being a man today entail? Kari Hoaas and her cast of five male dancers give a multifaceted answer. “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in?Reason! how infinite in faculties! (…) the beauty of the?world! … Continue reading

Dansefestival Barents writer Claudia Galhós text November 9th, 2013

About shadows, dreams and reality – by  Claudia Galhós “In “On the desperate edge of now” the five male characters, even if not defined with a clear identity and personality, flow between the all potentiality of contemporary dance where each person … Continue reading

Review “Finnmark Dagblad”, November 8th, 2013

CALM AND RAW “Kari Hoaas´ performance at Dancefestival Barents was worth a visit and more. The piece “On the desperate edge of now” gives the audience everything from quite melancholy to muscular explosivness. Both in expression and execution. Hoaas uses … Continue reading

Preview “Stavanger Aftenblad”, April 3rd 2013

Bare menn på scenen

Preview “Stavanger Aftenblad”, December 2nd 2010

Preview “Gøteborgs-posten”, May 20th 2009


TV Norge May 2004


Review “Bergens tidene”, October 2003

Review “Village Voice”, June 3rd 2003

Village Voice   “New Stuff” (P.S.122, May) offered an intriguing mix of younger choreographers—this batch coincidentally all female. In Paradise?, as a moderately convincing Charlie’s Angel, Kari Hoaas (the program’s curator) invoked snippets of saucy gestures—pouty lips, tousled hair, an Elvis pelvis—in an … Continue reading