One (2013)

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“heartfelt and loaded with raw movement… Her physicality was tender and beautiful to watch,.. ” – Emma Wilson for, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

A solo performance for and by choreographer and performer Kari Hoaas, created in recognition of the continuous global struggle for women’s rights. ONE is an extreme physical collage of hundreds of images and representations of women collected from art, pop-culture and contemporary society. By exposing and then distorting familiar images and representations of the female, the work challenges the inherent restrictions of gender.

My body holds the key to our ontology of being a woman, a human, in the world. But our perception of body, human, woman, is not quite caught up. The image of body as human, as woman is still in the cave. ONE is a study challenging the ecology of the image of the female body. Why do we as women continue to submit ourselves to the continued patriarchy of oppression, blindly allowing, supporting and contributing to the objectification of ourselves?

ONE is a specifically performer driven work, where choreographic structure allows the performer to investigate mental, emotional and bodily states within strict frames and structure. To allow for windows of improvisation, variations and the unknown the performer is allowed to connect and respond to the audience directly in the performance situation.


The work is created in collaboration with stage designer Carl Nilssen-Love and lighting designer Tobias Leira. Together creating a shifting landscape of textures, levels, forms and perspectives, based on an idea of a frozen landscape, where the frozen ideas of the feminine forms we all know, can melt and disintegrate.



Created and performed by Kari Hoaas
Stage design: Carl Nilssen-Love
Light- and visual design: Tobias Leira
Sound design: Morten Pettersen in collaboration with Kari Hoaas
Music: Philip Glass, Antony and the Johnsons
Costume: Kari Hoaas
Manager: Annika Ostwald
Touring technician: Laurent Ravot

Created at and co-produced by Tou Scene.
Creation supported by Arts Council Norway.
Touring funds provided by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Runningtime approx. 50 minutes

Premiered 27th November 2013 at Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway.

Previous performances:
April 10th, 2015           The Sugarspace, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
April 11th, 2015           The Sugarspace, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

November 7th 2014      3 Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 6th014      3 Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 5th 2014      3 Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden

November 28th 2013      Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
November 27th 2013      Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway

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