“Pure Projects” Choreographic research residency at Dansearena Nord Hammerfest, August 2019

Joining forces with contemporary composer and cellist Karoline Rising Næss, Kari conducted a two week choreographic research residency at Dansearena Nord in Hammerfest, Norway August 12th – 25th.

Pure Projects investigates hidden and obvious connections between dance, rhythm, cycles, nature, and spirit.

Kari is planning a new trilogy of works she has chosen to call Pure Projects. For the first part, Pure Projects: Daylight she has commissioned a new score for cello by composer Karoline Rising Næss.

In Hammerfest Karoline and Kari focused on developing a common understanding of the ideas as a basis for the future collaboration. Together they focused on investigating abstraction and minimalism in both movement and music, developing strategies, materials and choreographic and musical scores that will be further amplified with dancers in the future development of the project.

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