“Inside Out” – Opening National Museum of Architecture Oslo, 2008

A  site-spesific dance work commissioned for the official opening of the new Pavillion of the Architect Museum of the Norwegain National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Åpning Bankplassen 3

The Pavillion is by reknown Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn. The National Museum commissioned the dance specifically to the score chosen by Sverre Fehn: “Solitaire” by Norwegian composer and Sverre Fehn´s close friend, Arne Norheim.

Kari was excited to meet these challenges of working with both the special acoustic qualities of the Pavillion, and the spacial and dimensional layers of the buildings outside construction of  glass walls, surrounding moat, and outer walls, in conjunction with this specific challenging score.

The work premiered at the official opening of the Museum Pavillion in 2008 for an exclusive invited audience, including the architect Sverre Fehn himself with family, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, and the Norwegian Minister of Culture Tond Giske, among many others.

The work played for a sold out week in the musem after the opening in conjunction with guided tours of the museum.

Åpning Bankplassen 3       Åpning Bankplassen 3

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