Daybreak (2010)

By acknowledging a continuously faster moving world; a place where we no longer have time for each other even when we are together; Daybreak seeks to confirm a belief in the tender pricelessness of the here and now.

Choreography/direction: Kari Hoaas

Sound design: Jon Platou Selvig
Music: Biosphere, Stephen Micus, Tom Ze, Rosa Elena Miro/Leucona, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Clint Mansell, Bueno Vista Social Club
Light design: Christoffer Haaland
Video: Pekka Stokke
Costume design: Aina Lauritsen
Photo credits: Eirik Folkedal, Marius E. Hauge, Minna Suojoki

Performers: Marte Blom Onshuus, Matias Rønningen, Ratih Windrati, Jonas Örknér

Premiered at RAS/Sandens Kulturhus.

December 2nd, 2010, RAS/Sandens Kulturhus
December 3rd, 2010, RAS/Sandnes Kulturhus

Length:  60 minutes

Daybreak was created, in part, at a RAS artist residency in Stavanger, Norway, and at a choreographer’s residency at Rørelsen: choreographers in Skåne, in Malmø, Sweden. Funds for the work was provided by Arts Council, Norway and the Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists.

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