Review – Dance Enthusiast “- the distant episodes” at LaMama Moves February 8th, 2021

“…another engrossing example of Hoaas’ choreographic dexterity.” Read the whole review here.

“Like smoke unfurling from a candle flame, soloist Ida Haugen stands on the landing of a steel staircase, coiling and uncoiling her spine… (her) undulations are controlled but not rigid, tremendously detailed, yet calm. As she stretches and wafts slowly down the stairs, perhaps searching for opportunities to transform from vapor to liquid, she never quite coalesces…. Haiku #7 Wish finds dancer Jens Jeffry Trinidad, an alien creature, birthing himself…. Bound and angular, he contorts almost imperceptibly, his miniscule shifts of weight, specific and seamless. The long dark trench coat he wears hangs from his body like discarded skin. Like Haugen before him, Trinidad’s navigations mesmerize. Juxtaposed with their kinetic flow is a meditative quiet….
Haugen reappears, this time monstrous and contained,… Seated at a table, she rises with difficulty only to be pushed down by an invisible force. If Trinidad was an alien creature being born, Haugen could be the mother from which he emerged… – Cecly Placenti


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