Kari Hoaas Productions was established in 2005 by choreographer Kari Hoaas, upon returning to Oslo after a more than a decade working in New York City.

Her complex and engaging performances allow for ambiguity and contradiction, while retaining a profoundly human expression connected to the larger culture. The work evolves in the conflicts between abstract and literal dance, physicality and theatrical expression, and spans from intimate solos to larger group pieces to site-specific projects.

Kari Hoaas Productions has no full time staff, but engages dancers, artists and collaborators on a project basis. It is financed through a diversity of funding bodies, including co-productions and co-operations both nationally and internationally.

Recent productions have been co-produced and toured all over the Nordic region, Europe, the Middle East, Caucasus, the US and Caribbean.

I am dedicated to exploring the boundaries of contemporary dance through an experimental approach and inclusive layering of disciplines that draw on my diverse experience with various forms of dance and performance. The need to subvert established dance traditions, while retaining and refining this embodied knowledge, drives my physical and choreographic exploration.

My work does not convey messages. It is there to be experienced.

Current productions available and touring in 2016-17:

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