“HEAT” new project under development 2017-2018

Kari has embarked on developing her new project “HEAT”.

Together with dancers Ida Haugen, Antero Hein, Thais Hvid and Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn, she started out researching her new ideas at a choreographic research residency provided generously by Mediterranean Dance Center in Svetvincenat, Croatia in June and July 2017.

“HEAT” is a research in what total devotion and dedication might be and mean physically, mentally, emotionally and choreographically. Asking the ultimate question: is this practice a form of extremism?

In this first research residency, developing a common understanding of physical, mental and emotional states, as starting points for developing common movement qualities and themes was essential. During the residency Kari and the dancers explored and developed various choreographic scores, searching for a common idea of collective composition that will serve as basis for developing the work further.

During fall 2017 work on developing her design ideas for the project, as well as seeking additional funds and partners for its planned premiere in 2018 will be the focus.

The project Heat is envisioned as a continuous developing performance project, that at its core resists the very notion of a “finished work”. To instead propose a state of research and process that acknowledge the very nature of our ever-changing bodies, energies and experiences moment by moment, in performance, and ultimately in life. The performance vocabulary will be defined, yet the structures will remain open, and allowed to evolve, in order for the performers to make choices and respond to the unique temperature, energy and experience of each performance venue and audience the project will visits. Making for a continious evolving performance over time, with several singular distinctive performance experiences every time it is performed. Ultimately searching for what is the nature of our existence, as beings always bound to the present time, searching to amplify that experience of the “now”, with our bodies and senses, and looking for what we think that amplified experience might ultimately be and perhaps mean, for us? or for our audience? at each performance.

We are currently also developing various workshop and sharing models of this research in order to share our methods, philosphies and training with others, to encourage other´s creative practices, and give others acccess to our tools to create and develop their crafts and skills, be they professional performers, students of dance, amateurs enjoying dancing or children enjoying movement. The workshop moduls are developed by Kari in collaboration with the dancers, and thaught by Kari and/or selcted dancers.

“Heat” residency in Croatia was made possible with development funds from Arts Council Norway, travel funds from the Norwegian Department of Foreign Affairs and Oslo City Cultural Funds. Photocredit: Kari Hoaas and Antero Hein

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